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Hands down, my lawyer Stephanie Proffitt and the entire staff has been a great help to my family and me over the 2 1/2 years custody battle for my 12 year old son. This staff took the time to listen and fight for my rights as a father. They continued to encourage me when I felt like exploding, informing me that as long as I was honest, everything would be okay. Stephanie Proffitt is not only a standout woman, she has a powerful presence in the courtroom. She is very well respected by her peers and that says a lot about who she is as a person. Stephanie and staff will fight for your rights 100% as long as you are honest with the staff at all times. I thank God that I was referred to this wonderful team 2 1/2 years ago. Without Stephanie Proffitt and Staff (Manny, Katy and the crew) my son would be in a bad situation with his mother as primary conservator! This staff will work with you gracefully and financially and will guide you to a victory as long as you are HONEST with them. Stephanie Proffitt and staff, I can not thank you all enough. You are the team BOOM.COM
— Christopher B.
I was told by a friend that she knew Stephanie and that she was a good lawyer. I have been through 3 attorneys and they all screwed me over. I had Stephanie for over a year. I notice that some people put negative stuff about their attorney, but I don’t think they realize that every case is different. I believe child custody is one of the hardest cases to work on. Well here is what I have to say about Ms. Proffitt: she is very smart, a fast thinker, productive, straight up honest, a loving mother, and she cares about her clients. Many people are aware that she is a very busy attorney — that is because she is a excellent attorney. My case is a very strange case but the turnout was better than what I expected. Because Ms. Proffitt knew what she was doing, she kept me from going to jail, and got me my son for extra days. Manuel is very smart, has great customer service, and a lot of patience. Ms. Proffitt and Manuel make a great team. I would like to give thanks to Ms. Proffitt, Manuel, Robert, and the receptionist. Great office!! :)
— Andrea

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