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Experienced Mediators For Divorce Modification And Enforcement

It can be alarming how quickly communications can sour when a divorce is involved. When your soon-to-be or current ex-spouse becomes unreasonable in their communications with you, mediation can quickly become the best course of action to move forward.

We at Proffitt & Associates have over 20 years of mediation experience and have been using our negotiation skills to benefit our clients along the way. Whether you are looking to modify or enforce a divorce agreement or to begin divorce negotiations, our Texas attorneys can help.

How You Can Benefit From Mediation

People commonly think that people settle their divorce cases in front of a judge in court, but the truth is that more than four out of five divorce clients settle their cases in mediation. In most cases, it is a mandatory step in the divorce process, which is why it is so important to have an experienced mediator and negotiator on your side.

An important step in negotiations is to be flexible with your expectations. Being able to back off on a certain point in exchange for another year of spousal support can allow you to walk away with far more than you expected from your negotiation.

Fight For The Best Possible Outcome In Your Negotiations

The outcome of negotiations and modifications of your divorce can have lifelong consequences, so make sure that you are getting the best possible outcome in your case. If you are ready to have an experienced lawyer fight for you, contact us right away. Call us at 713-224-3400 to set up an initial consultation at our Houston office today.

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